Artist Gallery showing open every Saturday 1pm till 5pm public invited.William Rhodes , Adonia Middleton and Charles Unger.

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Mr. Tipples. 

June 1st  2024 9pm

 Tony Coleman-Drums

 Sue Crosman -Piano

Vicky Grossi- Bass  


Sheba Lounge  June 8th and 22nd 2024  8pm

Rusty  Aceves -Drums 

Joe Nemzer -Bass 

Kat Eliot Sax, flute

Wahid -Percussion


Ti Piacera 1509 Polk Street  

June 5th and 19th 2024  7pm-9pm

Joe Nemzer Bass

David El       Guitar



New Orleans

New Friends Seattle 2024 Grammy"s

Grammys 2024

Hard Bop Crew 2024 Sheba Lounge

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